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4th Annual CBWT Oyster Crawl – November 12 & 13th

Join us this Saturday and Sunday for our CBWT’s 4th Annual Oyster Crawl. (Nov 12 & 13). We’re pairing our 2010 Reserve Red blend with steamed oysters topped with our unique Black Bean, Bermuda Onion and Assorted Pepper Salsa! Munch on delectable Smoked Salmon, Dill and Caper Toast with a glass of Conundrum. And don’t forget to stock up on VFV Coffee Infused Chocolates and our own wine soaked Gourmet Vine Wood Chips for your BBQ and Smoker. See you at the Vault and have a Happy Thanksgiving!vfv-oystercrawl-new-1-11-2016

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